Omega Studio offers professional translations in German, Greek & English in the special fields of law, economy & finance, industry & technology, medicine & pharmaceutics, politics, humanities as well as translations for advertising, film / radio & TV.
Also Omega Studio does certified translations of plain and official documents.
In close cooperation with the customer we determine the desired type and function of the text, its demands in style, special terminology and target group in advance and we mellow questions of content if necessary and we carry out possibly required language and subject investigations.
On the foundation of the so won profile of the text, a translation is made with the highest care, that will satisfy the highest demands on faithfulness to the content, professional correctness, precision in terminology, a translation that meets the mentality and a linguistic elegance.
An additional, polished quality management guarantees our equal excellent quality and uniformity in style and terminology - as a standard – not only for fair copies.

Also Omega Studio offers translations into other media:

 software- and website localization
Omega Studio takes care of all work processes of the international software-localization for you. This way your software gets global. Target groups and market requirements are translated optimized specifically for each country.
The same thing applies to the localization of websites. Omega Studio offers the adaptation of a website to the linguistic and cultural standards of a target market.

Omega Studio translates or produces (multi)media applications like video, DVD and others for subtitling / overtitling and synchronizing for you.
For this work we only need the original manuscript (book of dialogs) and a (VHS-DVD)-copy of the production. The final product can be delivered either as a computer-file (in various formats), printout or a finished undertitled video. 

Omega Studio interprets professionally for you (consecutive or simultaneous) before court and in trials, for business-meetings, contract negotiations, discussions with clients, receptions, press conferences, training, seminars, company inspections, trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses, conventions, workshops and can be, for these purposes, employed flexibly all over Europe. Omega Studio also interprets for your affairs with public authorities and is of course available for interpreting for the public authorities as well.

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