Omega Studio also offers private language lessons for the Greek language. This offer is based on the long-standing experience in teaching in the Folk High School of Steglitz-Zehlendorf, as well as in many language schools in the Greater Berlin area and in Greece. 
It addresses both beginners and advanced students.

You have the following alternative choices between several forms of lessons:
 one-to-one tuition
the one-on-one tuition is adapted to your personal needs and is oriented especially with regard to time scheduling and language targets totally to your preconditions.
Suitable for students who want to acquire a new language in spite of a full appointments book as fast as possible.
Advantages: a maximum of effectiveness, individual shaping of the lessons, common definition of the language targets, individual adaptation of the learning speed.

Apart from the usual weekly teaching unit of 90 minutes there can be arranged intensive lessons that will allow an even quicker learning progress.
 mini-group (2 participants)
The lessons in a mini-group combine a private learning atmosphere with the advantages of the group lessons. In this form of lessons the participants are learning the new language in company of others and even are going to save expenses.
Suitable for colleagues of the same company, couples or friends.
Advantages: you'll have the advantages of the one-to-one tuition and the group lessons and at the same time enjoy fairer conditions.

 group lessons (3-6 participants)
Like the lessons in a mini-group the group lessons aim at a collective learning process.
Suitable for students who appreciate the motivation of a group lesson.
Advantages: the group lessons offer moreover the opportunity to play situations through realistically in simulations and role play. At the same time it represents the most cost-effective alternative.

All lesson forms take the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) into consideration and can serve to prepare for the examination for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek (at the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in Berlin).

A free trial lesson and a grading test are self-evident!

The lessons usually take place in our premises (Ebersstraße 30, 10827 Berlin).

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