Omega Studio offers the following services: proofreading and copy editing for technical texts, business reports, reports and presentations, scientific work (dissertations), catalogues, websites, correspondence and applications as well as qualified promotional copy editing (mailings, advertisements, flyers, company brochures). If needed Omega Studio will also take care of your correspondence (business & private, as well as phone calls abroad) and offers assistance in composing CV's, or in writing letters of recommendation and applications.

Omega Studio does proofreading on German and Greek texts. These texts are checked and corrected regarding grammar, syntax, punctuation and syllabification. If nothing else is agreed, for the German language, all corrections are made on the basis of the latest edition of the DUDEN dictionary.

copy editing
Apart from the orthographical, grammatical and formal corrections Omega Studio also takes care of the copy editing of German and Greek texts. Apart from checking the level of style and language, the understandability of your texts, the logic in content and in structure is being examined.

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