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The above mentioned prices are only noncommittal orientation prices. The prices for translations are calculated by standard line (=55 characters with spaces). The prices for translation, proofreading and copy editing may vary depending on the level of difficulty and the size of the translation. The presentation of a sample text makes the calculation and estimate of costs much easier for the Omega Studio. For a binding cost estimate please contact the Omega Studio under the above contact information. The prices for interpreting services depend on the level of difficulty and the potentially necessary preparation for the assignment.
All prices mentioned are 19% VAT exclusive. Errors excepted. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

As of: June 2008

Additional expenses
Email, storage media, necessary rush-postage, important phone calls for a purpose of a checkback with the customer for the clearance of facts and other extras go to the debit of the client. There’s an extra charge for expenses (rail-/taxi fares) if the order must be carried out in the clients place.

Payment modalities
payment modalities for orders within Germany
You can conveniently pay per bank transfer. Together with your finished translation you get your invoice – usually via email as an email-attachment in a pdf-file-format, but also with pleasure supplementary by mail or fax, which must be paid within 30 days per bank transfer. For especially extensive orders a down payment or a payment in installments equivalent to the completed text amount if necessary might be asked. If part delivery was agreed, then the payment is made for the produced services in each case with the respective part delivery.

payment modalities for orders from abroad
You can pay either per international bank transfer, or with internationally accepted money transfer system PayPal >>. Hereby possibly arising fees go at the expense of the customer and must be paid additional to the invoice total.

Purchase order
A signed purchase order is necessary for every translation order. It serves to clearly record one more time all agreed details of your order, so you have all facts and reached agreements of your translation order handy and helps to avoid possible misunderstandings.To give a purchase order to the Omega Studio, please fill in the form >> in the following links >>, print it and send it signed to Omega Studio’s fax number.

Price request & inquiry
If you want to give us a translation order or you want a free and noncommittal price request, you can fill out the following form >>. Omega Studio will answer and contact you immediately.http://www.paypal.deAuftragsbestaetigung-e.htmlAuftragsbestaetigung-e.htmlKostenvoranschlag-e.htmlshapeimage_17_link_0shapeimage_17_link_1shapeimage_17_link_2shapeimage_17_link_3
translations & interpreting

proofreading & copy editing

language lessons translations

- rush orders

- certified translations
(of texts that have been submitted in digital form)

- certified translations
(of texts that have not been submitted in digital form)

interpreting 0,80 € - 1,20 € / standard line (norm price: 0,90 €)

There’s an extra charge for rush orders from 25 – 50 % depending on the urgency of the translation.

Additional to the translation fee there’s a "certification charge" of 10 € for the first page and 2,50 € for every following page calculated.

For the simplification of the calculation of certified translations of texts that haven't been submitted in digital form there is an all-inclusive price of 40 € (including 19 % VAT) for a standard page or a single page document calculated.

Hourly wage interpreting: 30 – 50 €
Daily rate interpreting: 300 – 500 € (from 4 hours up)
for the German and Greek language proofreading

Copy editing Hourly wage proofreading: 20 €
Daily rate proofreading: 150 – 250 € (from 4 hours up)
for the German and Greek language
Standard page price: 4,50 €

Hourly wage copy editing: 30 €
Daily rate copy editing: 200 – 300 € (from 4 hours up)
for the German and Greek language
Standard page price: 6,50 € 

one-to-one tuition

2 participants

group lessons 45 min. 

18 €
15 €
12 € 60 min. 

22 €
18 €
15 € 90 min. 
30 €
25 €
20 € • home

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• proofreading & copy editing

• language lessons

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